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Albion City Council
Regular Meeting
March 19, 2018 - 6:30 PM

The Albion City Council met in regular session on Mar 19, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. in the Albion City Hall. Mayor John Henze called the meeting to order and led Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call: Present- Pat Hemming, Eric Eirikson, Eric Schmidt, Kim Dostal, and Jordan Hinkle.

Eirikson moved to approve the agenda and Hinkle seconded it. Motion passed 5-0

Dostal moved to approve the consent agenda and was seconded by Schmidt. The consent agenda consisted of regular minutes from Feb 19, 2018, minutes, Special Feb 26, 2018 meeting, Special Mar 5, 2018 meeting, and approval claims for payment, and financial reports. Motion passed 5-0.

Guest speaker Aaron Smith from D.A. Davidson gave a presentation on financing options for the City’s water situation through D.A. Davidson.

Deputy Dean gave the Sheriff’s report. Questions pertaining to 4-wheelers on Marshall St and a white pick-up were asked of the Deputy. Dean urged the community to call the communications center.

Eric Schmidt - public safety – nothing to report

Evan McRill gave the Fire Department report stating planning is still in place for the addition to F.D. McRill stated that there is a chain of command within the F.D. and he will be talking to his department regarding this issue.

Doug Loffgren gave the First Responder report stating they had an audit. The auditor will be back to assess the improvements. The EMS computer is up and running a test meeting will be on 3/21/18 for all EMS members. Rhonda Guy gave the water/sewer report stating our ammonia levels are higher than normal.

Julia Ohrt, Librarian, stated the library is having a good turnout for Travelogue. A direct mail flyer will be coming out with summer programming for both kids and adults.

Jordan Hinkle, parks and rec department stated a dumpster has been added to the City’s Main St Park for summer events held there.

Eric Eirikson – streets – nothing to report

Doug Loffgren – city maintenance – nothing to report.

Resolution 2018-02 was approved by Schmidt for the grant application on Albion School Demolition and execute a conditional bid award subject to grant and loan financing was seconded by Hemming. Resolution passed 5-0.

Motion #1 was previously approved. The council was given further documentation regarding removal of tires from ACC.

Motion #2 was approved by Dostal and seconded by Schmidt to set aside the monies that would have been used to pay the utilities for the ACC after the disconnection of the utilities. Motion passed 5-0

Motion #3 was approved by Hemming and seconded by Dostal to approve the bid change and the installation of cameras by RACOM. Motion passed 5-0.

Discussion of V&K Engineering’s follow up letter in regards to the City’s alternatives for connection to 1) Rural water 2) Rural Water Emergency 3) Marshalltown Water and 4) Water Treatment Plant. The Council will be sending out a letter to all citizens in their water bill with further information and a request that a citizens attend a water solution meeting, date to be announced. Rhonda Guy our current operator has the certification (grade #2) necessary to run a water treatment plant. The city needs to meter the following buildings to know how much water is being used by each 1) City Hall 2) Presbyterian Church 3) Ball Diamond 4) Fire Department 5) Library. A meeting with V&K Engineering will be set up to analyze costs for the water treatment plant option.

The Heart of Iowa put loaning for ACC demo on hold until resolution 2018-02 the bid award and grant financing has been fulfilled.

Schmidt motioned and Hinkle seconded for adjournment of the meeting. Motion passed 5-0. Meeting adjourned at 7:49pm.

John Henze, Mayor; Attest: Jody Wallen, City Clerk

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